Why buy a car in December?

best time to buy a car

Although December marks the holidays and well-deserved time off, it’s a busy time of year. Between shopping for gifts and organizing family get-togethers, free time seems to quickly evaporate. And resources (both money and time) are predominantly spent on others as, after all, it’s the time for giving. Rarely is buying a car for yourself or your family on the radar at this time of year – but perhaps it should be. If you’re in the market for a car and looking for a great deal, the year’s end can be a smart time to act. Because everyone is so busy preparing for the holidays and spending their hard-earned dollars elsewhere, dealership sales are often very slow for the month of December. And being the last month of the year, their inventory is about to become one year older, motivating them to move their remaining model year vehicles. And they also need to make room for new inventory likely arriving by the boatload (often quite literally).  So, if you’re in the market for a vehicle — especially new, as they’re most affected by the new calendar year — now might be the best time to seriously consider purchasing and capitalizing on the available dealer and manufacturer incentives instead of waiting for the new year; especially if you aren’t too concerned about having next year’s model year vehicle. With some savvy negotiating that plays on the dealer’s lack lustre December sales and their need for month-end and year-end sales in order to hit sales targets, you could walk away with an incredible deal. A few quick sales at year’s end at greatly discounted prices can be worth their while in order to hit these sales targets that will generate  big objective bonuses paid out by the manufacturer. So perhaps put yourself on your holiday gift list and take advantage of the great deals that await.

Car Compass can help you attain a great deal over the holidays by managing the car buying process on your behalf, so you can enjoy your precious free time with friends and family and still reap the benefits of buying at this time of year. Give us a call! 416-477-9328